The production method of car lights




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 The coating robot for lamp manufacturing has a base plate with a movable section at the front end, an arm at the movable section, a second arm at the arm, an arm and a second arm connected by a second movable section, a mounting jig at the front end of the second arm, and a worktable at the left side of the base, and a robot for automatic coating of lamps connected by a connecting rod at the base and the worktable, saving a large amount of operating time. In addition, the coating performance of the robot is more stable by setting the mounting jig and the coating device. In addition, the table is provided with a glue application plate for scraping the glue paste residue from the coating head of the robot, and the custody plate is used to recover the dropped glue paste residue.

In the manufacture of headlights, the upper and lower shells need to be bonded with adhesive before the traditional process of crimping operation, but at present, manual manual coating or simple device coating is generally used in the coating process, and these two coating methods generally have low processing efficiency and waste labor. In addition, the coating head will produce a small amount of glue paste residue during coating, so too much glue paste residue will affect the coating performance of the lamp, and a long period of non-use will lead to nozzle clogging.

  The gluing robot for manufacturing lights solves the problems of poor gluing efficiency and glue residue on the coating head of lights by setting up a robot arm for gluing and a working frame for gluing removal.

  The automatic coating of the lamp glue by setting the robot arm saves substantial processing time, sets the base and fixing feet for fixing, and makes the robot arm more stable by setting the mounting jig and coating device, and grinds the residual glue on the coating head of the robot arm on the working table, which not only improves the coating efficiency of the lamp, but also recycles the residual glue produced after coating.