Analysis of common problems of headlight adhesive





   China's headlight rubber consumption is still growing at a rate of 8%-10%, its development direction can be divided into 6 categories, of which polyurethane adhesives have become one of the rubber types with great potential for development in China, so, together with the following analysis of headlight rubber common problems!

  I. Low formaldehyde emission urea gel

  Headlight adhesive it accounts for about 30% of China's total synthetic adhesives, with the people's demand for environmental protection of man-made panels, low formaldehyde emission urea-formaldehyde adhesive market potential. At present, foreign companies in China to produce low formaldehyde emission urea gel, while building a large wood processing plant together.

  II. Headlight adhesive

  Headlight adhesive the adhesive does not use organic solvents, and fast construction, good bonding effect, is in recent years, China's demand for adhesive types, but also the future direction of development. In addition to the traditional EVA hot melt adhesive, the country also urgently needs to develop new varieties of polyester class, polyamide hot melt adhesive.

  III. Polyurethane adhesives

  Car lamp adhesive is widely used in shoes, packaging, building, automotive and other fields, with its excellent performance is considered to be one of the rubber varieties with development potential in China.

  IV. Silicone adhesive

  In developed countries, the main use of building sealant silicone sealant, silicone sealant will also become China's building sealant rubber types in the next few years.

  1, silicone adhesive shell for lights

  Automotive lights in a large number of plastic materials, such as PP, ABS / PC, etc. to make the light shell, with PC materials instead of the traditional glass as a light distribution mirror. In order to achieve a seamless sealing of the light housing and light distribution mirror. Both must be bonded with adhesive.

  The basic requirements for adhesives for headlight adhesives are

  Weather resistance, anti-aging property

  Sealability, creep resistance

  Vibration damping, high and low temperature resistance

  Temperature impact resistance

  Problems encountered by customers in the use of headlight adhesives.

  Analysis of problems and causes in the use of silicone products.

  1) "Worm glue"

  Two-component silicone common, after the glue strip appear black (gray), white stripes, the local color is obviously shallow () deep, light-colored part, curing significantly slow or not hardened; dark-colored part curing fast, bonding reduced, poor airtightness.

  Cause analysis.

  a, mixing pipeline selection: Section 24, 36, back-absorption counterflow ;

  b, mixing ratio: equipment mixing ratio does not meet the requirements;

  c, equipment mismatch: some manufacturers of equipment control precision is not enough, the plunger pump steering common A, b out of the glue is not synchronized.

  2) Curing abnormalities

  Temperature, humidity, shelf life, curing attenuation, mixing ratio, size after the curing speed or drying speed is abnormal, often curing speed becomes slow or not dry.

  Cause analysis.

  a. Expiration: Check should be made before mass production;

  b, "attenuation" :

  1) during the one-component storage, curing speed with the placement of time and slow down;

  2) two-component curing agent with the extension of the placement time, the curing speed slows down, curing agent seal becomes poor, part of the hydrolysis leads to slow curing.

  c, ambient temperature: winter, summer, day and night temperature differences, curing speed increases with temperature. d, ambient humidity: a group of components cured from the surface and back through contact with moisture in the air.

  e, ratio: two-component curing speed increases with the b-component (curing agent).

  3) Equipment problems

  Matching ratio, less glue out, broken glue

  a. There is a difference between the displayed ratio and the actual ratio, resulting in abnormal curing. Check, clear the mixing line, weighing.

  b、Low amount of glue output and long time. Check the pipeline blockage, clear the pipeline, B component easy to contact air crystallization curing, mixing pipeline flushing incomplete, residual curing agent blockage.

  C. Film. Playing out the rubber is not continuous, must check the pipeline blockage, clean up, replace the pipeline.

  d. When replacing the rubber, the press exhaust is not complete, with the bubble hitting the rubber and exclude

  V. High-performance epoxy resin paste

  Electronic industry epoxy resin adhesive, building industry epoxy structural adhesive, the production process is difficult, the domestic product quality is poor, at present mainly rely on imports.

  VI. PVC plastic for automobiles

  PVC plastic is the main sealant for automobiles, accounting for about 1/3 of China's automotive adhesives, the current annual demand of about 10,000 tons, with the development of China's automotive industry, especially the car industry, PVC plastic will have broad prospects for development.

  The above is an analysis of the common problems of headlight adhesive, for more information, please feel free to contact us!